Eptalofos or Agoriani is a village built on SE slopes of Parnassus Mount, very close to the boundaries of the National Park of Parnassus, at an altitude of 830 meters. It belongs to Phocis Prefecture and has about 700 residents. In recent years, the tourism is growing rapidly, due to the small distance that separates the village from Parnassus ski resort, and its position among thick trees that dominate the area and generally the splendid natural landscape. The original name, until 1928, was Agoriani and then Eptalofos because it was built on seven hills.

The village has many springs and natural beauty, nice restaurants with traditional dishes, many accommodations that will meet any requirements of visitors throughout the year. The waterfalls of Eptalofos, which are located in the village and very close to the central square, are reflecting the dowry that nature gave generously to this place (in the central square there are information signs for the route you will need to follow). It is an historical village, refuge of the Komninos Byzantine emperors, home of the fighters and chieftains of ’21 (Komnas Theodoros and Stamatis Trakas, etc.). It was almost completely burned during the German occupation in October 1943, as retaliation for the guerrilla activity in the region.