In recent years, Greece has managed to establish itself as an up & coming international real estate destination with a variety of exquisite properties available for sale at sought-after destinations such as the Athens Riviera, Mykonos and Porto Cheli.

Despite the countrie’s strategic location and natural beauty, the Greek government has also created a property investment reward program where major real estate investors from outside the EU benefit with complimentary VISA’s and access to the SCHENGEN Free Transporation Zone.

What’s more, with a number of major development projects such as the Hellenikon Project and the renovation of the Astir Palace, destinations such as the Athens Riviera are expected to gain rapid growth within the next few years, literally doubling the values of pre-purchased properties in the area.

At Luxury Concierge we specialize on locating & brokering exquisite properties on behalf of our clients. Our company maintains the connections & the know-how to coordinate with sellers and even the government in an effort to achieve better prices as well as acquiring the necessary licenses for the development of major construction projects.