Luxury Concierge partners with some of the most refined & prestigious retailers internationally offering a broad range of unparalleled luxury goods allocation services. . From extremely remarkable works of art to recherché fashion accessories, worldwide epicurean delicacies to rare pieces of jewelry.

Since the beginning of our company’s inception, our luxury experts have handled a variety of bizarre item finding requests. From last-minute Hermes hand-made Birkin Bag purchases to orderings of very rare gourmet delicaccie’s such as albino lobsters & rare caviar varieties.

Especially for collectors, our company maintains the appropriate connections to secure entrance in highly-prized art exhibitions and private auctions at some of the world’s most prestigious museums, galleries and auction houses.

Looking to find the perfect gift for that special someone? From 100% tailor-made fashion items to VIP tickets in world-renowned experiences we will certainly be able to find something that will cover the needs of even the most demanding individuals.


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