Where glamour meets simplicity

From celebrity and super model mingled Costa Smeralda to the traditional alleyways of Cagliari, the coves of Golfo di Orosei’ and the granite islands of La Maddalena, Sardinia seems to have it all. The island started building its reputation as an out- of the world beach destination and yes bay sand is indeed that white and the crystal clear waters are most likely the bluest you will ever witness without having to leave Europe. Sardinia has a gift of captivating with its exquisitely mysterious hinterland, enduring eccentrities and a mixture of glamour and tradition that ignites the curiosity of even the most discerning traveler.

For lovers of glamour, the coast of Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo will captivate you. Dozens of luxury beach hotels, restaurants, villas, marinas and beach clubs have found a home on the beautiful shores of Sardinia having succesfully created Italy’s most extravagant haven for jet-setters, playboys and representatives of “dolce far niente”, the art of doing nothing!

At Luxury Concierge, our dedicated traveling experts maintain long experience of organizing tailor-made journeys at Costa Smeralda and Sardinia in general. Just contact our dedicated concierge desk to begin organizing your journey today.

About The Destination

A voyage over an emerald sea, past characteristic coves and beaches of snowwhite sand … this is Sardinia, an island that strikes its visitors with natural contrasts, the lights and colors of a region that boasts old traditions and a wild and pure nature.

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a mainly mountainous region, without high peaks, with a vast and charming, yet bittersweet, natural environment. In fact, the presence of man does not seem to affect this territory; great surfaces still preserve their natural composition, luxuriant woods with even millenary trees, small desert areas and marshes inhabited by deer, wild horses and rapacious birds.


Our luxury villa collection has been meticulously created to match the needs of discreet individuals that are looking for a private & luxurious accommodation.


Enhance your luxury holiday experience by chartering a superyacht, motor yacht or motor sailing yacht for the day or even for the whole week.


Enjoy your lunch or dinner privately at your hotel & villa by arranging next day gourmet deliveries of live seafood, fresh truffles and premium caviar. Champagne & Rose wines of the finest qualities may also be included.


Explore the most extravagant and mysterious landmarks of Sardinia including the thousands of scattered Bronze Age nurragi ruins located all over the island.


Yachting Lifestyle

There is no better way to experience the glamour of Sardinia than through chartering a luxury yachting vessel anchored at the shores of Costa Smeralda. Sailing the waters of Sardinia offers much more than witnessing some of the most beautiful sides of the island as it is also a key for experiencing the authenticity of true Italian cosmopolitanism.

Personal Shopping

Home to a number of international fashion brand boutiques & retail stores, including a recently opened Harrods outlet, Costa Smeralda is the only place to be for authentically passioned mediterranean shoppers. Personal shopping services can now be provided via Luxury Concierge and in conjunction with our local luxury branding experts.

Daily Adventures

Spend a day exploring the immersive hinderlands of Sardinia, visiting remote villages and walking through the scattered ruins of the Nuragic civilization, a mysterious bronze- age culture that has long disappeared. Daily visits on the Sardinian countryside may be arranged including a luxury SUV and english speaking guide.