The prettiest of the low-key resorts on the Gulf of Corinth, Galaxidi is graced with narrow cobblestone streets, handsome stone mansions and two small harbours. It’s a good, and cooler, alternative to staying in Delphi during mid-summer. A forested headland, opposite the waterfront, is fringed by a 1.5km walking path and pebbled coves popular with swimmers. The town is reasonably tranquil except during summer and holiday weekends, when its charm is tested by carloads of Athenians.

Galaxidi’s most prosperous period was between 1830 and 1910 when it was a major maritime power, playing an important role in the Greek War of Independence against Ottoman rule. When the maritime industry failed to keep pace with modern shipbuilding trends, the town became a centre for building caïques (small fishing boats).


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