It was in 1970 whilst performing on stage in Monaco where she was directing a show for the first time that Régine fell in love with Monaco. That year, the Monaco audience, renowned for being blasé and hard-to-please, gave her a standing ovation.A year later, collaboration between Régine and the Société des Bains de Mer gave rise to a night club which was to become one of the world’s most famous nightspots: Jimmy’z Sporting Monte-Carlo.The press release issued at the time emphasised Régine’s unparalleled capacity to draw American, Italian and Parisian jet-setters to Monaco. The most impressive part, however, was perhaps the venue itself: a nightclub right at the water’s edge with an architectural design that showcased light and the curved shapes so typical of the era. A few years later, Jimmy’z moved from the edge of the lagoon to the brand new Monte-Carlo Sporting Club inaugurated in 1975. It was here, amid the extravagant architecture with a deliberately 70s feel that Jimmy’z acquired its renown. It is within these very same walls, renovated to accommodate contemporary styles, that Jimmy’z Sporting Monte-Carlo perpetuates its living legend. The music, decor and generations of club-goers may change, but Jimmy’z is still there, undoubtedly for a long time to come.