Wines and food are no doubt one of Italy’s best attractions. Enoteca Principessa Bellagio is the perfect place for the Wine Lovers. It’s the place where you can enjoy a glass of wine that will satisfy all your desire. Enoteca Principessa Bellagio is located on the famous climb of BELLAGIO. Here, you’ll find all kind of wine you want and we have the facilities here, for you to try our wines .

Enoteca is an Italian word that is derived from the Greek word Οινοθήκη, which literally means “wine repository” (from Oeno/Eno- Οινός “wine”, and teca Θήκη, “receptacle, case, box”), but it is used to describe a special type of local or regional wine shop that originated in Italy. The concept of an enoteca has also spread to some other countries.

A genuine enoteca is primarily directed at giving visitors or tourists the possibility to taste these wines at a reasonable fee and possibly to buy them. An enoteca is often run in collaboration with growers or growers’ or tourism organisations in the village or region. The reason such establishments were named to connote ”wine libraries” was that they were intended as a hands-on source of information on local wines rather than as regular outlets for larger quantities of each wine, or primarily intended for established customers. Often, an enoteca stocks rather small amounts of each wine, and customers who wish to purchase large quantities after tasting are referred directly to the producers. In some cases, an enoteca will also sell other local foodstuff and/or serve small snacks to go with the wines.

Being associated with an enoteca is likely more beneficial to smaller, not too well-known producers than to large or well-established ones. Casual visitors will have an easier time discovering an enoteca, and the producer will not have to keep an outlet open in his winery just in case someone passes by to purchase a few bottles. On the other hand, having many wines are available side-by-side for tasting, comparison and competition, will be better for well-performing wineries.