It’s official! In a deal that is about to become the talk of the town, Luxury Concierge, the leading VIP services provider in Greece is set to cater for the lifestyle needs of Vodafone Black clients.

It’s not a secret that no partnership could have ever been more suitable. Vodafone Black is the creme de la creme service of the biggest & most prestigious mobile provider in Greece. It is a service that has been essentially created to serve the needs of big spenders and large corporate clients such as Managing Directors & CEO’s.┬áThe list of current Vodafone Black members include big names of the Greek high society such as shipping magnates & prominent businessmen. It is exactly the type of clientele that relies on the kind of services that Luxury Concierge is providing.

With such an elaborate partnership, Vodafone Black Members will now have the opportunity to enjoy a vast range of VIP-related services such as making effortless arrangements for airport transfers, chartering helicopters, booking airplane tickets on a 24/7 basis or reserving hotel rooms & villas for last-minute trips.

What’s more, Luxury Concierge will also be providing Vodafone Black clients with a number of extravagant privilages such as access to VIP events, discounts on selected products & brands as well as the ability to organize corporate events at a fraction of normal market prices.

Even more importantly, Luxury Concierge services will not only be restricted geographically in Greece, but will cover a whole range of activities in many different international destinations, offering a unique source of information & advantages for the sophisticated international traveler that remains loyal to Vodafone Black whenever he goes.

Fancy an exclusive restaurant booking at one of London’s most prestigious restaurants? Looking to get front row seats for the Monaco Grand Prix? Planning a honey-moon trip for 2 at magical Dubai? All you have to do is call your dedicated assistant at Luxury Concierge we promise you that even your wildest fantasies will come true.