With references to paganism and fairytales of old, Halloween is a celebration, observed in a number of countries, on 31 October, the feast of  All Hallows’ Day. The celebration begins at the  three-day observance of Allhallowtide, a time dedicated to remembering the dead. The feast comes in many forms and styles, depending on the country, offering plenty of opportunities for different kinds of experiences for the discerning traveler.

At London, our second city, the period of the Halloween is considered among the most prominent periods to visit the British capital. London is known to be very busy during October, when everyone returns to the city and the west end is booming with glamorous events and a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Only 5 hours flight away, the New York City is said to boost the most impressive Halloween celebrations with countless of extravagant events taking place in numerous nightclubs.


Spooky events at Central Park? Check! Independent Horror Film viewing? Check! Costume parties like there is no tomorrow? Check, check, check!

But what about those looking to enjoy a more intercultural experience during Halloween? The Día de los Muertos, also known as the “Day of the Dead” is a widely known celebration, that takes place almost simultaneously with Halloween at the central and southern parts of Mexico. An UNESCO recognized event, Día de los Muertos is the perfect opportunity to experience and explore the most bizzare parts of a country where the extravagant is often common.

And even though our main country: Greece, is not accustomed to Halloween events & costumes, there will most certainly be a small presence of events taking place on the Greek capital! Just contact our dedicated concierge desk to get the finest recommendations on where to enjoy Halloween, secure VIP table reservations or even get luxury costumes made, 100% bespoke!


Welcome to our second city! London is undoubetedly Europe’s most iconic destination during Halloween and a city worth discovering, especially during Autumn.


Halloween in NYC

They say that Halloween at NYC is the best! Celebrate it in complete style around the 5th Avenue, shopping luxury costumes and attending glamorous parties, hanging out with individuals your friends never thought you knew.

Dia de muertos

Go beyond extravagant and experience the “Día de los Muertos”, an UNESCO recognized international feast and the perfect opportunity to witness the most uncommon side of Mexico!

Cuckoo Halloween party

Attend London’s most glamorous and exclusive Halloween party! Guest – lists and VIP table reservations may be running scarce, but when did this ever stop us? It is said that members of the British Royal Family were once known to attend these events. We guess you may be lucky.

Salon De Bricolage

Athens one and only, private members club is finally back, now sexier than ever! If you are a glamorous aficionado with a love for arts than this is the place to be. Halloween party? Not announced yet, but we are pretty sure it will.

London Castle Ghost Tours

Greater London is filled with remote and abandoned castles, now open for ambitious ghostbusters! Arrange a private tour via our dedicated expert guides and explore these mysterious buildings that will certainly put you in the mood of a Halloween adventure ~ an ideal activity when children are involved.

Hogwarts After Dark

For a second consequtive year, the famous school of magic of Harry Poter is returning to London, offering an opportunity to both kids and adults to explore the studios of the Harry Potter film, redecorated on Halloween fashion.