The early Autumn weekend celebration that marks the closure of Summer

‘Armata’ is a traditional celebration & fireworks festival that takes place every second weekend of September.  The purpose of the event is to commemorate the burning of the Turkish fleet. A decisive battle that was won by the Greeks and ultimately brought the revolutionary forces one step closer towards the complete annihilation of the Ottoman army from the Peloponesse.

The island of Spetses played an integral part in the Greek revolution from the Ottoman rule and the subsequent birth of the modern Greek state. When in 1821 the Greek revolution broke out, Spetses was the first of the Greek islands that raised the flag of the Revolution the morning of April 3rd 1821, in the patron saint church of St. Nicholas, located in the old harbour.

Apart from celebrating the victory against the Turks, in recent years, the Armata Festival has also become an occasion to celebrate the closure of the Greek summer, with young Greek jet-setters, yacht-owners & celebrities alike flocking to the small island for one last weekend of unlimited partying.

From observing one of the most beautiful firework festivals in Greece to partying till dawn at any of the Spetsiot cosmopolitan nightclubs, the Armata Festival is certainly one of your last chances to witness the glory of the Greek summer before Autumn kicks in.

Behind the Scenes: The history of the festival

Every year, the second weekend of September is dedicated to commemorating the events of the battle of Sept. 8, 1822, in which the Turkish flotilla was torched. The events culminate with a re-enactment of the burning of the Turkish flagship in the harbor. Even today, most traditional fishing boats and sea-taxis hoist the blue and red flag of the revolution. The blue signifies freedom and the red signifies blood, along with the words, “Freedom or Death”.


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