It is the oldest district in Athens (it is also mentioned as “Gods’ district”) with outstanding scenery. The moment you start walking on its paved narrow lanes you get the feeling that you travel back in time. Nobody knows where the area took its name from. According to the most prevalent opinion, Plaka took its name from a large stone slab that was found in the area near to Aghios Georgios Alexandreias church, next to Dionysus ancient theater.

You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the houses with neoclassic colors, the architecture, the well preserved gardens, the elegance and the atmosphere of the whole area. Even Plaka’s air is different: Softer, clearer and full of scents, like a gift from gods. If you decide to walk around the area, make sure you have a map, because Plaka is like a labyrinth and you will probably get lost in its lanes. You will find souvenir shops in the central street of the district Adrianos Str., as well as in other streets.

The central square of the area that took its name from Filomousos Eteria (Association of Muses’ Friends – Muses where the 9 goddesses of Arts) and was constructed in 1813. The aim of this Association was to promote Greek Studies and preserve Athens archeological treasures. The square is located in the intersection of Kydathinaeon, Farmaki, Olympian Zeus and Aggelos Gerontas streets and is full of coffee houses, restaurants and clubs with live music. There are also many souvenir shops.


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