A festival to celebrate the end of the Greek Summer

‘Armata’ is a traditional celebration & fireworks festival that takes place every second weekend of September at the island of Spetses.  The purpose of the event is to commemorate the burning of the Turkish fleet. A decisive battle that was won by the Greeks and ultimately brought the revolutionary forces one step closer towards the complete annihilation of the Ottoman army from the Peloponesse.

The island of Spetses played an integral part in the Greek revolution against the Ottoman rule and the subsequent birth of the modern Greek state. When in 1821 the Greek revolution broke out, Spetses was the first of the Greek islands that raised the flag of the Revolution the morning of April 3rd 1821, in the patron saint church of St. Nicholas, located in the old harbour.

The festival week starts on the Monday and usually offers a full programme, including adult and children’s theatre, local Greek dance, music and shows. The grand finalé is on the Saturday night, closest to the 8th September. This starts at about 9pm with dance and music – usually a popular Greek singer or a famous band who have been especially invited for the occasion.

Meanwhile, local boats make their candlelit way, very slowly, out towards the middle of the sea, off the Poseidonion jetty. They travel from both sides meeting in the middle, where the locally made ‘Turkish’ boat sits bobbing on the water, awaiting its demise! At about 11pm, when all the boats are in position, the commentary in Greek outlining the history of the battle of 1821 begins. Everyone listens and waits in suspense, as the story reaches its climax and the music reaches a crescendo and a small fishing boat approaches the ‘Turkish’ boat. Within seconds it bursts into flames and fireworks pour out from within and people scream with delight. This is quickly followed by an enormous firework display with more music which has been especially selected to be played in perfect precision with each exploding firework.

The Concierge Recommends:

Often used as an excuse to celebrate the end of summer, the Armata Festival offers the perfect opportunity  to witness the glory of the Greek summer right before Autumn kicks in. At Luxury Concierge, many of our clients have the tendency of choosing to visit Spetses during that very busy period that is especially recommended for lovers of tradition and party- goers.

Chartering a luxury yacht or traditional sailing boat is the ultimate method of choice when traveling to Spetses or the Greek Riviera in general. Being in control of a comfortable vessel gives the opportunity to enjoy the festival in all its glory while also remaining away from the crowds. Many clients also choose to book a luxury hotel or villa with the Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses as well as Nikki Beach Porto Heli being the most popular accommodation choices.

Traveling to the Greek Riviera is always an adventure. But getting there sometimes may be more difficult than it seems. Skip the boat queues and the long road by chartering a luxury helicopter that will be taking you straight to the island or the nearby coast of Porto Heli where your luxury hotel or villa awaits.


The Greek Riviera in the Peloponesse & the Saronic islands is undoubtedly the new place to be for international jet-setters, yacht-owners & other seekers of adventure.


Celebrate the Armata Festival at the Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Celebrate the Armata Festival like a real VIP by booking a room or making a restaurant reservation at Poseidonion Grand Hotel, a real landmark of Spetsiot architecture and the precise location where the festival celebrations take place.

Witness the Fireworks Festival on board your very own yacht

Charter a luxury yacht to witness the Armata Fireworks festival in all of it’s glory while enjoying the comforts & luxuries of a private vessels. What a better way to impress your friends & business associates but with a cosmopolitan cruise in the middle of the most impressive fireworks festival in all of Greece?

The luxury picnic experience at the Saronic Gulf.

Organize your very own bespoke picnic excursion at Spetses, Spetsopoula or even Porto Heli. Contact us today to start designing your very own bespoke picnic basket, prepared by our specialized chefs and in conjuction with our sister company, Greek Luxury Products offering the most rare gourmet products available on the Greek market.


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